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Dance Biography

  Latoya Nickee Walker (she/her) is a Connecticut-born woman with direct Jamaican lineage. She started her training at a local dance studio when she was just two years old. She later studied dance at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. Throughout her unique high school experience she had the opportunity to work with the following dance professionals: Jennifer Weber of DecaDanceTheatre, Brian Brooks (Moving Company), Camille A. Brown, and Clyde Evans Jr. of Chosen Dance. After graduating, she moved to New York and attended Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus) with intentions of attaining a Bachelors of Fine Art in Dance. During her collegiate studies, Latoya sustained a knee injury that became the catalyst for her codified Dance Conditioning program. The program and curriculum emerged from her frustration with the lack of athletic training made accessible, safe, and tailored to dancers.

   After attending that university, Latoya decided to utilize the teaching skills she obtained while working at her childhood studio. For approximately four years she juggled teaching at multiple studios and within private schools. She simultaneously piloted her Dance Conditioning program with each group of students she taught. In 2016 Latoya moved back to Connecticut and established her business Footwork And Sole Dance Company (e.g. Footwork And Sole LLC).

   After a few years of very little entrepreneurial success she shifted away from dance and joined the military. She has since been honorably discharged and is completing her Bachelors of Science in Dance Education at Central Connecticut State University. Latoya has also returned to dance entrepreneurship with abundance. She has been commissioned to choreograph, contracted to lead professional developments, and regularly teaches within the school systems. Latoya’s intersecting identities further enabled her to cultivate classes for dance to exist as more than entertainment – but as a sociological and therapeutic resource – which is exemplified in her interactive dance history courses and company choreography. She has traveled and served communities throughout and outside of Connecticut. Her collaborations include Full Expression! Dance Collective in Colorado, Canyon Concert Ballet in Colorado, Colorado State University, Arts for Learning CT, and ConnectiKids. 

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Artistic Accomplishments

  • The Academy Award (2012): Awarded by the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, for being and accomplished interdisciplinary artist of her graduating class. rehearsal, and performance

  • Dancing in Our Sorrow and Joy (2023): Dance piece selected to be a part of an outdoor immersive performing arts experience provided by the City of Fort Collins, CO.

  • Company Director of Full Expression! Dance Collective (2023): Manager of a professional dance company in Fort Collins, CO. 

  • Produced a Dance Documentary (2023): Directed, filmed, and showcased a dance documentary entitled “In Remembrance”.

Professional Development

  • RAISE Year 1 Course - SEL Foundations: completing course via Arts For Learning CT (current)

  • Global Movement and Music Workshop via Central Connecticut State University in April 2024

  • Mandated Reporter Training: Course completed via Arts For Learning CT in August 2023

  • Abuse Prevention Training: Course completed via Arts For Learning CT in August 2023

  • Introduction to Sociology: Course completed via Tunxis Community College in May 2023.

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt: Attained via United States Navy in October 2020

  • AED & CPR Certifications: Attained via the United States Navy in September 2020. 

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