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Dance History for Racial Inclusion

A professional development workshop that teaches educators how to cultivate safe, racially inclusive spaces.

How is racial inclusion related to dance?

Many of us are not conscious of the racial intersections of dance. Race is factored into type casting, hairstyling, and even our attire. Implementation of racially inclusive curriculum improves student morale and self-image. Furthermore, it makes every dancer feel safe 

in the space (which improves retention).

Why do I leverage dance history in my classes? 

  • Dance history is an ideal platform for diversity discussions. It is a wonderful tool for navigation of social crisis, racial inequity, etc. 

  • When utilized correctly, dance history validates every students' identity and individuality.

  • Your classes will be enriched by the fusion of academia and dance. 

How do I fit dance history into

a traditional dance class?

I have developed an effective class structure that is time efficient. In addition to the structure, the curriculum simultaneously scaffolds skills and improves student engagement. 

This workshop gives educators the tools

to teach hour long classes.

Workshop Objectives:​

  • To learn how to simplify class structure

  • To learn how to effectively manage time when teaching 

  • To utilize examples of dance curriculums to build our own

  • To utilize dance history to design an inclusive curriculum

  • To tailor dance history to the genre of specialty 

Also offering an interactive iteration for students called

Moving Through Dance History!

Female Friends
DIverse Friends
Young Individuals
Image by Womanizer Toys
Image by Clay Banks
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