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Dance Conditioning Program
Training Intensive 

Fitness Ladies

Dance Conditioning Intensive is a 5 day series of classes and coaching for professional dancers. Each class is a combination of strength training and dance technique. This intensive is designed to improve your performance and provide tools to prevent future injury.  

The Objectives Include:

  • To explore the intersection of dance and sport

  • To learn safe and functional strength training exercises for dancers 

  • To identify and assess primary areas of inconsistency in dance technique

  • To utilize and improve on individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Create a personalized training regimen to utilize beyond the training intensive

Interested in attending a workshop first?

Click here to view the Dance Conditioning class calendar.

Truth Bomb: You want to perform advanced skills. But there never seems to be enough time in class to work on improving of your technique. You've spent so much money on classes and can't seem to measure your progress. You also understand the importance of practicing at home, but don't know where to start.

Your efforts thus far have failed you. In fact, they have left you feeling burned out because you've hit a plateau. Furthermore, you have sustained injuries before and its required you to forfeit opportunities or take breaks. 

Maybe you've found yourself simplifying your choreography for the sake of cleanliness, or avoiding classes that center your areas of weakness. But you care deeply about succeeding. You've simply encountered an obstacle you don't know how to overcome.

You've already: 

  • added a rigorous warm-up to prevent in-class injury, but it's proven ineffective

  • told yourself to practice at home

  • utilized generic workout videos to improve your physical fitness and address challenges

  • spent so much money on dance classes and gym memberships

It's frustrating to feel like you've tried it all, and have to settle just to avoid being swallowed by defeat.

Tired of receiving the same correction in class and rehearsal? Not seeing consistent improvement?
We can help!

There's a Solution!

Real Talk: The reason those things haven't worked for you is because they aren't sustainable, tailored to your needs, or structured to yield consistent results.

It wasn't until I sustained an injury that I took the time to learn how to train my body in alignment with athleticism. During my healing process, I recognized that my body needed more than the physical therapist could offer me in relation to dance. I started to explore other forms of physical activity, and discovered that strength training was an effective supplemental practice for dance.

In the years that followed, I developed a dance curriculum that included strength training. I was able to help my students significantly improve their technique and decrease the number of injuries sustained. The Dance Conditioning program emerged from those teaching experiences. I saw a gap in my community; Most teachers I knew did not have a class structure that included conditioning.

If you're truly ready to level up your technique, this program

was designed to help you get there.

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