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Footwork And Sole Dance Company
Repertoire & 
Commissioned Choreography

Fire In Our Hearts 

​Rialto Theater, Loveland, CO

​May 10, 2024 at 7pm MT

Fire In Our Hearts is a memoir about an abusive relationship. The concept emerged from the choreographer recalling the domestic violence she lived through between 2012 and 2016. She has long since transitioned from victim to survivor, and is trying to expose the realities of intimate partner violence. Media would  have us believe it is abrupt, solely physical, and a gendered experience. This piece was created because it challenges our preconceived notions including the aforementioned. The movement illustrates the progression of the relationship: (stage 1) infatuation, (stage 2) social isolation, (stage 3) physical abuse and (stage 4) escaping with a restraining order.  

This project will premiere at Rialto Theater of Loveland, CO in May 2024 sponsored by Full Expression! Dance Collective. All of the elements included were intentional. The corps dancers will wear black because they symbolize disintegrated friendships. The principal dancers will wear blood red because it symbolizes resilience, warrior-like energy, and love. The cast includes Latoya Nickee Walker, Savannah Svoboda, Ashley Walters, and Michelle Schmidt. The music is a medley of the following songs by Cuarto Puntos & Ameen Mokdad: From Her Scene No. 203, Wenn, Fear, and Havoc. The lighting design is by Latoya Nickee & Judah Dean Franco ( The run time is approximately 5 minutes. 

2024 Tour Dates:

In Our Element 

Rialto Theater, Loveland, CO

Friday, May 10th at 7:00pm MT

LGBT+ PRIDE Performance

New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO

June 2024 (Details TBD)

In Remembrance 

​Bas Bleu Theatre Company, Fort Collins, CO

​May 6, 2023 at 7pm MT

In Remembrance is a choreographic memoir about grieving a past version of yourself. The movement briefly illustrates four stages of that experience: (1) the funeral & ascension, (2) denial & grief, (3) guardian angel & puppeteer, (4) forgiving yourself. 

The concept emerged from Latoya Nickee's transition out of the military. Initially, she envisioned a seamless return to her "civilian" self (and the dance profession). But she quickly realized she outgrew the woman she used to be. The emotions that accompanied grieving herself were complex, painful, and beautiful. Latoya created this piece as a means of peacemaking for herself (and the cast of dancers). It is her belief that everyone has a previous self they are growing away from, consciously or unconsciously.

This project premiered at Bas Bleu (Fort Collins, CO) in April 2023 sponsored by Full Expression!Dance Collective. All of the elements included were intentional. The corps of dancers wore juniper green because it symbolizes growth, harmony, and new beginnings. The principal dancer (who represented your past self) wore burgundy because it symbolizes resilience, maturity, and warrior-like energy.  The cast included Adelle McDaniel, Ashley Walters, Heather Ostberg Johnson, Kylie Chandler, and Savannah Svoboda. The music was a medley of the following songs: Eden (Harlem) by Nicholas Britell, The Children of Our Age by Nicholas Britell, Attente by Beauvois, and Moving On by Nymano & Suuna. The lighting design was developed by Latoya Nickee & Judah Dean Franco ( The stage manager was Marissa Dienstag. The run time was 5 minutes.

2023 Tour Dates:

Dancing in Our Sorrow and Joy

Old Fort Collins Heritage Park, Fort Collins, CO

Saturday, April 8th at 2:30pm MT

Dancing in Our Sorrow and Joy

Lee Martinez Park, Fort Collins, CO

Saturday, April 15th at 2:30pm MT


PRIDE Performance Gala

Canyon Concert Ballet, Fort Collins, CO

Saturday, June 17th at 7pm MT

Dance Film Premiere

Carriage House Theatre, Hartford, CT

Saturday, June 24th at 2pm ET

Color Me Beautiful

​Greater Hartford Academy of Arts, Hartford, CT

​May 2012 


Color Me Beautiful was a choreographic statement about racial representation in media. It was structured as an interdisciplinary dance piece featuring women, poetry, and projected images.

Latoya spent a year conducting social research on "... the significance of race in relationships, datings, and friendships?" Her goal was to bring awareness to/provoke thought about the subliminal messages we send one another about race. The messages we send are exchanged through body language, social choices, distasteful humor, stereotyping, and romantic preferences.

This project premiered at Greater Hartford Academy of Arts (Hartford, CT) in May 2012. The cast included Raechel Manga, Destiny Lopez, and Emma Lawes (senior students of the dance department).  The music was a medley of the following songs: After the Rain by Little Dragon, Angola by CesariaEvora, and the poem Biracial Hair by Zora Howard. 

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